Tuesday, January 05, 2010

هـــــو يحـسبـنـي
مع البـعــــــد
والله لو يــضــحـــك
مــع أحـــــفـــاده،،
مـا نـسـيـتــــــه!!
never can, never will!

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Sunday, April 05, 2009


How can I get thru to you?

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

My December

This is my December,
This is my time of the year...
This is my December,
This is all so clear...

This is my December,
This is my snow covered home...
This is my December,
This is me alone...

And I just wish that
i didn't feel like there was something i missed

And I take back all
the things i said to make you feel like that

And I'd..
Give it all away,
Just to have somewhere to go to...

Give it all away,
To have someone to come home to...

This is my December,
These are my snow covered trees...
This is me pretending,
This is all i need...

This is my December,
This is my time of the year...
This is my December,
This is all so clear...

*Linkin Park

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Deviated Septum

As long as I can remember, I so often suffered from everyday headaches and I often breathe through my mouth. When I was at school I couldn't play\ run with the kids for long and I'd feel tired very quickly because I'm not able to get enough oxygen through nose breathing.

I remember when the teachers asked me why I wasn't playing or hanging around with my friends, and I answer that I have a headache, they look at me in a weird way as if I had a mental problem. They often called mom to see if I had any psychological problems!

They wouldn't believe that it was because of my "nose problem".

I've been to many doctors and they all agreed that I have a Deviated Septum and I should go under surgery to fix it.

The reason that cause the deviation as mom says is that I fell from my bed flat on my face when I was a baby, but I'm really not sure :\ !

It got worse 10 years ago. I visit the doctor when I had flu or cold because this is when my condition turns very bad. And so I use nasal sprays and drops for awhile. But for the last seven years, I have been using nasal sprays and drops constantly. I used almost all kinds of sprays but the only one that helps me breathing is Otrivin, which I have become addicted to for 2 years now. I literally PANIC and start to cry when I run out of Otrivin!

Otrivin helps me breath. My nose is often congested and that causes infected sinuses- which cause my unbearable headaches- Otrivin is the answer.

I have only agreed to go under surgery because of the side-effects of Otrivin, and I pray to Allah that I can get rid of it for good after the surgery.

I'm doing my operation tomorrow inshallah. The procedure is called septoplasty. It's an operation to correct the deformity of the nasal septum (no, it's not a nose job!). It helps increase the size of the airways to improve the nasal breathing.

What I'm worried about is the anesthesia (I know it can make you feel sick and I can't bear that!) and the packs that will be placed in my nostrils after surgery :( I think that sucks!

Pray for me all and wish me good luck..

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

لاهي في سمـــاك

عشت عمري في رجــاك
مانتظــر احــد ســـــواك
سبقتني ايــامي وسنينـي
وانت لاهـي في سمــاك

اقضـي وقتــي بانتظـارك
ارسـم احلـى ذكرياتــــك
في خيـالي وانت لاهـــي
وانت لاهــي في سمـــاك

قول لي بس وين مكانــك
وش ســوا بــك زمـانـــك
لازلــت تطـريني حبيبـــي
ولا لاهــــي في سمـــاك

حتى لو خــنــت بكلامــــك
نسيــت او طــــال ابتعادك
ببــقى دايـــم بانــتظـارك
حتى لو
كنت لاهــــي في سمـــاك

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

For Your Eyes Only

ما نشدت الشمس عن حزن الغياب
عودتـــنا الشمس نرضى بالرحيــل

it's been a long time since i held the pencil and draw somthing.. but i did 10 days ago.. and that was the result :) .. they say that i should try to pain\draw something else other than portraits, but that's what i like to do..

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just another sunday evening

"Nobody thinks, nobody cares. No beliefs, no convictions and no enthusiasm
- just another Sunday evening"

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Beautiful Dawn

beautiful dawn
it's been a lifetime
waiting for you

darkness seemed to be filling my home again

it was a gloomy night
the moon was waning
it was a cold night
the rain came pouring
i begged for the sunlight
to dry the tears that falling

beautiful dawn
shed light my life again
i don't want to worry
for when the night will fall again

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